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    if i was a skeleton i would just say “that really rattles my bones” in response to literally everything

    that really rattles my bones

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    I know you don’t like to talk, but you gotta do it for her.

    This arc took a total of three scenes in the season (four if you count the scene where she’s not in the visiting room) and it still carried more weight than everything Larry’s dealt with the entire series.

    this guy is like 50000x more important than Larry.

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  • I don’t find myself unattractive, but I also don’t find myself attractive. I feel like I’m just sort of here, not something that really grabs anyone’s attention. Sort of like a chair. Or maybe a lamp.

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    Forcing yourself to work on something that you have no real motivation for


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    • me: *puts earphones in*
    • me:
    • me:
    • me:
    • me:
    • me:
    • me:
    • me:
    • me:
    • me:
    • me: oh right
    • me: *plays music*
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    What a waste of space.

    did you just

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